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Our Mission. National Skills Coalition organizes broad-based coalitions seeking to raise the skills of America’s workers across a range of industries. We advocate for public policies that invest in what works, as informed by our members’ real-world expertise. And we communicate these goals to an American public seeking a vision for a strong U.S. economy that allows everyone to be part of its success.

How We Advance our Mission

We organize. We build multi-stakeholder coalitions that demonstrate broad-based support for a new national skills policy. We help our diverse coalition partners develop a common skills agenda that serves the common good. We then bring the real-world expertise of these workforce development practitioners into policy discussions.

We advocate. We actively work to change policies. We do not focus on a narrow set of policies that impact a single stakeholder group, rather, we advocate across policy silos, ensuring that we’re helping all workers at every point in their careers. We also connect federal and state advocacy, providing policy expertise to our coalition partners to support their efforts both in Washington, DC, and in their state capitals.

We communicate. We keep our members informed about policy efforts at the state and federal levels, providing timely and actionable information. We also reach out to people outside the workforce development field, helping our members reach new audiences and thereby better engage the American public.