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Nearly every state’s economy is held back by a skills gap – not enough workers trained with the skills for open jobs.

And in nearly every state, the largest gap is in the middle – jobs that require a credential beyond high school, but not a four-year degree. For individuals who are unemployed or in low-wage jobs, education and training can move them into family supporting middle-skill jobs.

National Skills Coalition analyzes, develops, advances and helps implement state policies that support four key strategies -- Sector Partnerships, Career PathwaysJob-Driven Investments, and Data and Credentials -- that close middle-skill gaps and ensure individuals and industries have the skills to compete and prosper.

NSC provides support to advance these policies in two ways:

  • We work in the states to help build and support multi-stakeholder coalitions – business, labor, colleges, community organizations, and the public workforce system – that work together to advance a shared policy agenda.
  • We provide direct assistance to state policymakers who want to learn about, develop and implement effective workforce policies.

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