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Skills in the States

National Skills Coalition works with partners in states spanning the country to promote policy and advocacy solutions to ensure that every worker and every industry has the skills to compete and prosper. Our state work includes NSC’s growing network (SkillSPAN) of coalitions working to advance state skills agendas, cross-state policy academies and geographically-focused initiatives, and general assistance to NSC members in the states. We also work to help state partners leverage NSC-led national initiatives like Business Leaders United (BLU) and Workforce Data Quality Campaign.

All NSC state policy and network initiatives seek to support strategies that are effective at helping businesses and workers succeed, including upskilling for entry-level workers; apprenticeships, work-based learning and college that works for working people; sector partnerships that engage local businesses; and policies that improve the future of work and re-skilling employees. Across all state work, NSC advocates for policies that advance equity in the workforce and use data to invest in what works.

SkillSPAN (Skills State Policy Advocacy Network)

NSC’s SkillSPAN is a first-ever nationwide network of non-partisan coalitions focused on advancing state policies that expand economic opportunities for workers and their families while boosting local businesses’ capacity. SkillSPAN coalitions develop and promote policies that help workers find good family-supporting jobs, help businesses find skilled workers, and help states build strong inclusive economies. SkillSPAN coalitions include policy and research organizations, community-based organizations, businesses, unions, community colleges, workforce boards, state and local agencies, and others advocating for a shared agenda. As a national network, SkillSPAN leverages the combined expertise of state coalition members and amplifies their collective voices in state capitols across the nation. Ten state coalitions in CA, GA, IA, IN, IL, MA MI, NC, TN, and WA joined SkillSPAN in 2019. An additional ten are slated to join in 2020, with further growth planned in 2021.

 *States in dark blue represent 2019 SkillSPAN coalitions.

Work Based Learning Academy (2018-2019)

The Work-Based Learning Academy supports state teams in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Washington in developing state policy proposals and advocacy strategies to expand work-based learning to low-income communities.

Southern Skills Policy Initiative (2018-2019)

NSC launched the Southern Skills Policy Initiative to support to partners in Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas in developing and advocating for state policies that help workers and businesses in those states to get the skills they need to compete.