Shana Peschek

Executive Director, Machinists Institute

As Executive Director of the Machinists Institute, Shana is leading the vision to build a better future for aerospace, manufacturing and machinist workers across Washington state through dedication to excellence in recruitment, education and training.  The institute delivers programs on multiple levels of education and training including pre-employment, registered apprenticeship, certifications and more. 

In her previous role Shana spent 11 years as a leader in supporting the building and construction education and training programs across the state. Shana has also been active nationally, on the National Skills Coalition Work based Learning Advisory Board, Tradeswomen Task Force, as well as member of numerous statewide association boards, K20 advisory boards and workforce focused committees. 

When not working she enjoys hiking, backpacking and mountain biking with her husband and three sons and spending time with her 5 grandchildren. 


Shana Peschek