State Initiatives and Academies

Skills for California Network and California Advocacy and Policy Academy

Skills for California—powered by National Skills Coalition and California EDGE Coalition—is a statewide network of organizations advancing workforce development policies that remove systemic barriers and promote an inclusive economy for all Californians. NSC is also leading the California Advocacy and Policy Academy for leaders from community-based organizations in California who want to build their capacity to engage in workforce development policy and advocacy activities. Visit their website,

Quality Postsecondary Credential Policy Academy

The Quality Postsecondary Credential Policy Academy is an eighteen-month initiative aimed at defining quality non-degree credentials; developing a policy agenda to increase the number of residents with quality credentials, and developing the data policies to support such efforts.  Learn more –>

Supportive Services Academy (2020-21)

The Supportive Services Academy supports teams in Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, and Oregon in advancing state policies that expand access to supportive services like transportation, childcare, books, supplies, and equipment, etc. so that people with lower incomes can access and complete education and training programs.

Louisiana Skills Policy Academy (2018-2020)

The Louisiana Skills Policy Academy is an eighteen-month initiative aimed at educating leaders from job training organizations and other key stakeholders throughout Louisiana on key federal and state workforce development policies and advocacy strategies. Members of the Academy have the opportunity to participate in the Louisiana SkillSPAN coalition.

Southern Skills Policy Initiative (2018-19)

The Southern Skills Policy Initiative supported partners in Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas in developing and advocating for state policies that help workers and businesses in those states to get the skills they need to compete.

Work-Based Learning Policy Academy (2018-19)

The Work-Based Learning Academy supported state teams in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Washington in developing state policy proposals and advocacy strategies to expand apprenticeship and work-based learning to low-income workers.