Infrastructure Equity Policy Project Brings State Partners Together to Produce New Workforce Opportunities

June 17, 2024

Today, National Skills Coalition (NSC) is launching the Infrastructure Equity Policy Project with partners in 11 states, aiming to train the next generation of infrastructure and clean energy workers by advancing state policies that intentionally open the door to millions of people who want to train for a new career – particularly women and workers of color.

As part of the People Powered Infrastructure campaign, the project’s goal is to increase the number of training and support service programs, with a focus on greater racial and gender workforce diversity.

With nearly 3 million jobs per year expected to be generated by recent investments in infrastructure, the need for a collaborative effort like this is urgent. Moreover, while 69% of those jobs will be available to workers without a bachelor’s degree, there’s an anticipated labor shortage of 1.1 million workers who, without training and other workforce investments, will lack the skills to fill these jobs.

“Ensuring equitable access to infrastructure and clean energy jobs is not just a moral imperative; it’s an economic necessity. By acting now, we can empower millions of workers, particularly women and workers of color, to contribute to our nation’s prosperity,” said Annika Cole, Advocacy Manager at Chicago Jobs Council, a proud partner in this project.

“We are thrilled to join forces with National Skills Coalition and our fellow partners to tackle the urgent need for workers in infrastructure and clean energy sectors. Together, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and resilient workforce,” said Marcela Díaz, Executive Director at New Mexico-based organization Somos Un Pueblo Unido, joining this vital initiative.

NSC will assist the Infrastructure Equity Policy Project partners through May 2025 as they work to advance state policies that intentionally increase quality career opportunities for women and people of color. NSC will also work with partners to build coalitions between workforce advocates; racial and gender equity organizations; and environmental, labor, and workers’ rights groups—allowing states to create equitable opportunities for all people to train for good jobs in this growing sector.

During this project, partners will:

  • Develop policy recommendations and advocacy plans
  • Build allyship and coalitions with other influential stakeholders
  • Amplify the voices of working people and small businesses
  • Engage with and learn from other selected partners

The partners in the Infrastructure Equity Policy Project include:

Ultimately, NSC hopes that by working with partners in states to increase the number of training and support programs that prepare workers for infrastructure and clean energy jobs—with a strong focus on increasing racial and gender diversity within these programs—states can cultivate a strong, diverse, and multigenerational workforce that’s capable of driving the development and maintenance of our nation’s new and green infrastructure.

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