Immigration reform must consider skills.

June 13, 2013

Today, National Skills Coalition released a new report with a proposed strategy to integrate strong investments in skills into comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive Immigration Reform: A Proposal for a Skills Strategy that Supports Economic Growth and Opportunitywas created to help inform current debates about immigration reform in Washington and in the states.

Comprehensive immigration reform will result in far-reaching changes to the labor market that will have tremendous economic potential for individuals and the nation as a whole. In order to foster economic growth and opportunity, the legislation must include an equally ambitious, strategic investment in skills. There will likely be a significant increase in demand for adult education by currently undocumented immigrants, not to mention the already existing unmet need for English language, adult literacy, and skills training for U.S. citizens. The proposal currently under consideration is insufficient to meet these growing programmatic demands.

With support from the Ford Foundation, NSC has worked with local and national partners with expertise in workforce development, adult education and immigrant integration, to develop this proposal for a skills strategy that would dramatically increase the amount and impact of resources available for skills training – for immigrant and native-born workers – without increasing the cost of comprehensive immigration reform.

Learn more about the principles guiding this skills strategy and specific recommendations to create economic opportunity and growth through an ambitious, integrated investment in the skills of current and future U.S. workers.