DOL announces H-1B grant awards.

February 23, 2012

On February 22, the Department of Labor announced more than $183 million in grant awards under the H-1B Technical Skills Training grant program. 43 public-private partnerships in 28 states received grants to support education, training, and job placement services for workers in a range of in-demand industries, including health care, advanced manufacturing, and information technology.

This was the second round of awards under the current grant competition; the first round provided nearly $160 million in grants to 36 partnerships, with awards announced last October. Between the two rounds, more than $200 million was awarded to grantees targeting services to long-term unemployed workers, and $163 million has been awarded to support on-the-job training (OJT) activities for participants.

H-1B grants are funded through fees paid by employers who use H-1B visas to hire skilled foreign workers, and are intended to support job training for U.S. workers to help employers meet critical skill needs.

Yesterday’s grantees were: 


 City, State


 Targeted Industries and Occupations

Arizona Diversity Business Development Center Arizona   $4,963,159 Health care
Arkansas Workforce Investment Board Arkansas   $4,952,848 Health care
Automation Alley  Michigan $5,000,000 Professional, scientific and technical services
Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services Inc.  Minnesota   $1,639,688   Advanced manufacturing 
Central Mississippi Planning & Development District Inc.  Mississippi   $5,000,000   Information technology and engineering 
Central Piedmont Community College   North Carolina   $4,999,071   Information technology and health IT 
City of Boston Economic Development and Industrial Corp.  Massachusetts   $4,999,555   Health care and biotechnology 
District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund  Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey  $3,073,122   Health care 
Florida Gateway College   Florida  $3,903,957   Health care  
Front Range Community College   Colorado   $3,980,813   Health care  
Industrial Consultants LLC  California, Washington, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland  $5,000,000   Ammonia refrigeration industry 
Los Angeles Southwest College   California   $5,000,000   Engineering and engineering technology 
Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership Inc.  Massachusetts   $3,992,908   High-tech and advanced manufacturing 
Midlands Technical College   South Carolina   $5,000,000   Insurance and heath information technology 
New Jersey Institute of Technology  New Jersey   $5,000,000   Information technology and STEM industries 
Northeast Iowa Community College   Iowa $4,870,648  Advanced manufacturing, health care, professional and business services 
Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board Inc.  Connecticut   $5,000,000   Information technology and advanced manufacturing 
Northwest State Community College   Ohio   $5,000,000   Information technology 
Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program Inc.  Wisconsin   $4,758,656   Health care 
Ohio University   Ohio  $4,989,080   Health care 
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership  Oregon, Washington  $5,000,000   Information technology and manufacturing 
Pacific Systems Inc.  Georgia   $4,966,308   Information technology and high technology 
Pasco-Hernando Workforce Board Inc.  Florida   $1,836,082   Health care 
Regional Center for Workforce Excellence  Pennsylvania   $1,199,050   Information technology and communication 
River Valley Community College   New Hampshire   $4,998,775   Advanced manufacturing 
San Jacinto Community College District  Texas  $4,996,100   Information technology 
Shenandoah Valley Workforce Investment Board  Virginia  $5,000,000   Health care and advanced manufacturing 
Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance Inc.  Florida   $3,857,898   Information technology and telecommunications 
TechAmerica Foundation  Maryland, Virginia  $4,993,403   Information technology 
The AFL-CIO Working for America Institute Inc.  Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan  $3,381,000   Advanced manufacturing  
The Junior College District of Metropolitan Kansas City, Mo.  Missouri   $5,000,000   Information technology and engineering 
The Research Foundation of SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry  New York   $1,387,104   Advanced manufacturing 
The University of West Florida  Florida   $3,945,528   Health information technology 
The Workforce Alliance  Connecticut   $4,970,000   Information technology, engineering, advanced manufacturing 
University of Central Florida Florida  $5,000,000   Engineering and information technology 
University of Texas, El Paso, School of Nursing  Texas   $3,991,880   Health care 
West Los Angeles College   California   $4,999,714   Advanced manufacturing, engineering, information technology 
WestEd  California   $5,000,000   Information 
Worker Education and Resource Center Inc.  California  $1,035,553   Health care 
Workforce Development Board of Southeast Los Angeles County  California   $2,174,196   Health care 
Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas  Texas   $4,991,839   Information technology; professional, scientific and technical services 
Workforce Systems Inc.   Oregon, Washington  $4,567,095   High-tech and advanced manufacturing 
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services  Wyoming   $4,924,211   Health care