Animated sequester video tells the real story.

May 30, 2013

Employment and job training programs have been slashed by over $1 billion in just the past three years. Now that sequestration has gone in effect, our workers and employers face further, more damaging cuts to the workforce development programs they rely on. But these cuts are not limited to workforce development. These cuts affect a range of vital services that everyone relies on—medical research, public health and safety, education, environmental protection, and many more.

Unfortunately, many don’t understand what sequestration is and how it will impact them. To overcome this confusion, National Skills Coalition has co-convened a national coalition of 3,200 organizations with Committee for Education Funding and the Coalition for Health Funding called NDD United that represents an array of programs and services that are impacted by cuts to the federal budget.

This week, NDD United hosted a town hall in Washington, DC to explain what to expect now that sequestration is in effect and how we can educate policymakers, press, and the public on how these cuts will impact all our lives. During the town hall, NSC Communications Director Josh Spaulding unveiled a three-minute animated video, that was created with the support of the Ford Foundation, that breaks down in plain English what exactly sequestration means and how it will impact all of us.

View the video:



Scary, right? So what can you do to stop these cuts? We couldn’t have made it easier for you to get involved.

The NDD United website is now home to a toolkit filled with tips on how to share this video to educate policymakers and the press, effective ways to use social media, talking points, how-tos on writing op-eds and letters to the editor and lots more!

Share far and wide. Sequestration is here, it’s happening, and it’s not going away unless we all join together to urge Congress to find a balanced approach to dealing with the nation’s budget deficit.