Voices for Skills: Brian from Ohio

June 05, 2019

“Our minds are like sponges so I just want to try my best to learn as much as I can and keep going with it and teach somebody else if they want to learn.”

Brian began his career journey like the other 33% of the nation, he went to a four-year college and got a degree. He graduated with a degree that was focused in communications, graphic design and media production. Following in the path of his degree program, he worked in production for a Channel 12 local news station.

During the midst of his time working in local news, Brian realized his true interests resided in remodeling and selling homes. With that goal in mind, he began to work and train with Procter and Gamble, whose partner is Jostin Construction, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

While training with P&G, he learned how to do closures for homes, create doorframes and install windows. He later went on to work for their sister company, Jostin Construction, in which he got more advanced training. He worked on a few projects as a laborer and then he moved forward to become a foreman and assistant supervisor. Jostin taught him how to read blueprints and he learned the true ins-and-outs of working and managing a construction site.