Voices for Skills: Byrone from South Carolina

June 05, 2019

“It’s the passion and the drive, if you have the passion to do it, you’re going to stick with it.”

Byrone made a name for himself on the football field in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He had big dreams of one day playing football in college and maybe even the NFL. Without warning, he suffered a knee injury during his sophomore year of high school, causing him to rethink his future.

Fortunately, he had a niche for cooking and he decided to apply for the culinary program offered at his high school, one of the only high schools in Mount Pleasant that offered this particular program. For two years—in both the culinary program and training at a technical college—he learned what it meant to work in a kitchen, and at 17 years old he graduated with multiple certifications, including a Department of Labor certificate or Journeyman’s credential, along with a certificate that allowed him to work in the kitchen while being under 18.

Not only was he employed during and after high school, he continued his culinary journey by studying at the Culinary Institute of Charleston.