Voices for Skills: Nicholas from Georgia

June 05, 2019

Nicholas’ first few jobs out of prison weren’t really providing him with a livable wage. That’s when he learned about the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia’s Construction Ready apprenticeship program. The program consists of four-weeks of training and focuses on safety training – something that many entry-level workers lack. When he completed the training, Nicholas learned about an opportunity to become an apprentice at Anning-Johnson, an Atlanta based construction company.

For Nicholas, the two-year apprenticeship program and the constant feedback he received from his mentor during this program was key. “These programs and employers are a bridge for people like me, who are coming from prison and trying to build a better life”, he said.

Nicholas was able to turn his apprenticeship into a steady job. He is now a Foreman at Anning-Johnson and works with other apprentices who are looking to have the same opportunities he has – one of the many highlights of his career.

“When I see someone struggling, I like to tell them my story and let them know that this can get better for people who go through the same situations as me”, Nicholas said.