AZ Wage Record Bill Passes with WDQC help

By Jenna Leventoff, May 24, 2016

On May 19, Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, signed AZ HB 2666 into law, due in part to WDQC’s assistance.

The legislation allows the Governor’s Economic Opportunity Office (GEOO) to fulfill requests for unemployment insurance data from specified entities to support evaluation of the state’s workforce and education programs, as well as to develop labor market information. Entities eligible to receive the data include the Arizona Department of Economic Security (AZDES), the Department of Education (ADE), universities, and community colleges. Requesting entities must prove that they can keep the data confidential, must have security safeguards in place, and cannot disclose information that might identify individuals or their employers.

WDQC worked with the state to develop and advance this bill. In addition to providing guidance on how to structure the bill’s data sharing provisions, WDQC stepped in when the bill’s progress was stalled over concerns that its provisions weren’t permissible under federal law. WDQC staff worked with staff at the U.S. Department of Labor to determine how the legislation could comply with federal rules. Moving forward, WDQC plans to facilitate peer learning between Arizona and other states that have successfully implemented state data systems.

"We are excited that Arizona will develop a data system that helps us understand whether workers in our state are getting the skills they need for successful careers," said Gretchen Corey, who works on special projects at the Arizona Department of Administration. "WDQC provided crucial assistance that helped us pass this important legislation."

The bill will take effect in August 2016.