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Join the Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity for our May 31 live webinar, Ask Us Anything: Closing the Digital Skill Divide. Our guest speakers include

  • Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, senior fellow, National Skills Coalition (NSC);
  • Kennon Harrison, vice president, workforce partnerships, Revature;
  • Bobby McNeil, president, Raleigh-Durham chapter, Blacks In Technology Foundation; and
  • Annette Taylor, director, Office of Digital Equity and Literacy, North Carolina Department of Information Technology.

The panel will discuss the digital skill divide and how the Digital Equity Act provides a unique opportunity for states to invest in digital skills and generate economic payoff for businesses, workers, and the broader economy.

Check out the report by the National Skills Coalition and the Atlanta Fed to see a real-time snapshot of the demand for digital skills in the United States and to learn more about the pervasive digital skill divide.The conversation will take place Wednesday, May 31, at 1 p.m. (ET). We look forward to your thoughts, suggestions, comments, and questions. Register today. If you have questions you’d like to submit prior to the session, please send an email to nye.hodge@atl.frb.org or elizabeth.bogue@atl.frb.org.

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