Education Proposals to Know in the House China Bill

February 04, 2022


A recent Politico Pro article outlines the many education proposals the U.S. discuss in the America COMPETES act— A bill meant to boost competitiveness with China. The College Transparency act and short-term Pell were among those proposals.

NSC’s Andy Van Kleunen was quoted in the article:

College Transparency Act and short-term Pell: This is the largest procedural step both proposals have taken, said Andy Van Kleunen, CEO of the National Skills Coalition. Despite the fact that the short-term Pell provision was excluded in the Senate’s China bill, Van Kleunen said it was a “procedural maneuver” that “had nothing to do with the content of the amendments themselves.”

“We’ve got a lot of support for it in the Senate and I think that it’s in a very good position to actually become something,” he said, adding that it is important both proposals in the amendment stay in the bill because of the information on the employment outcomes of postsecondary programs.

“We want to make sure that Pell is used for programs that have a demonstrated track record of getting people to jobs and increasing their wages,” he said. “The way that we do that is by collecting that information and making sure that at the programmatic level students and workers and businesses can choose the programs that they know have a track record of success.”