Sequestration: Cuts to Workforce Training Will Devastate Re-employment Efforts

February 20, 2013

Nearly 2 Million Workers Will Lose Opportunity to Train for Open Jobs

This week, National Skills Coalition (NSC) released a report on the impact of sequestration on America’s workers and employers, “Disinvesting in the Skills of America’s Workforce: The Potential Impact of Sequestration on Key Federal Employment and Training Programs, along with state-specific fact sheets about the impact of sequestration, across the board cuts that will take place on March 1 if Congress doesn’t act.

“These across the board cuts will mean millions of workers and employers won’t be able to get the skills needed to close the skills gap, reduce unemployment, and create more jobs, “said Rachel Gragg, federal policy director of National Skills Coalition. “Jobs and employment are the American public’s number one concern, yet Congress continues to ignore their constituents’ priorities, cutting workforce training programs by more than $1 billion since 2010. ”

More cuts will devastate workforce training programs. If sequestration occurs, in FY 2013 alone, nearly 2 million individuals will lose access to critical employment and training programs.

These cuts will hurt individuals most in need of skills training:

  • The federal program that re-trains the long-term unemployed will be cut by almost $80 million, denying services to nearly 30,000 individuals.
  • Adult Basic Education programs have a waiting list of more than 160,000 people . Over 40,000 additional learners won’t be served.
  • High risk students in grades 11 and 12 are 8 to 10 times less likely to drop out if they are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education program, but with these cuts nearly 750,000 fewer students would be served.

The economic future of our workers, employers, and country depend on, in part, having a skilled workforce. Workforce programs cannot afford more cuts. NSC urges the President and Congress to find a permanent, balanced solution that invests in our workers and employers to grow our economy.