So, You Want a New Job? Here’s How to Retrain

November 29, 2021


A NerdWallet article explores the obstacles that hinder Americans from gaining the skills needed to retrain, in a quick and efficient manner, for new career opportunities. They highlight the options needed and available to individuals looking for short-term and affordable skills training programs or certifications required for different careers.

NSC’s Katie Spiker was quoted in the article:

“Retraining challenges are largely due to a lack of social support, and the onus is on the individual to figure it out on their own, says Katie Spiker, managing director of government affairs for the National Skills Coalition, a nonprofit organization that aims to raise skills of American workers across industries.

She and other experts say federal investments and policies are crucial to solving unemployment, which has yet to reach pre-pandemic lows, and get workers reskilled.

“We have a history of seeing really strong outcomes for workers when they can access skills retraining to meet demands in their local area,” Spiker says. She adds that additional support helps, as well, including access to childcare and help with basic needs.”