The Importance of Incremental Credentialing: State Policy Organization View

August 05, 2021

NSC Senior fellow Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield recently wrote an article for Evolllution on incremental credentialing. Duke-Benfield says that “they provide a crucial opportunity for workers to upskill quickly, which is incredibly relevant with the COVID-19 pandemic. Incremental credentials are easier for students to complete, which gets them back into the labor force faster than with a degree.”  

A postsecondary certificate holder has a better chance at employment than someone with a high school degree. These non-degree credentials often provide more job security.  

“We need to expand the use of prior learning assessments, build pathways from non-credit to credit education, align training content with employer demands, develop training that integrates basic skills with occupational content, and offer financial aid and non-tuition supports that ensure affordability and provide an incentive for adults to return to their pathway after achieving an initial credential or two,” Duke Benfield says.