The Seasonal Labor Shortage is a Harbinger of an Evolving Hourly Jobs Market

December 23, 2021

A My San Antonio article talks about the labor shortage amidst the pandemic, and the skills training it requires to get frontline, industrial jobs done with an increase of Americans willing to do in-store shopping.


NSC is mentioned in the article:

The fluid nature of today’s workforce requires training as many shift from one job sector to another. According to the National Skills Coalition, 52% of jobs in the U.S. require skills training beyond high school (but less than a four-year degree.) However, only 43% of American workers have access to the adequate training necessary to fill these in-demand positions.


If we are to continue with a swift and strong economic recovery, employers, labor organizations, the government and staffing firms will all need to step in to fill this skills gap with effective and accessible training programs.