NSC Receives Generous General Operating Grant to Power the Fight for Inclusive, High-Quality Skills Training

August 31, 2023

Funding by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will sustain and strengthen the organization 

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 31, 2023 –  National Skills Coalition (NSC) announced today they will make high-quality, inclusive skills training more accessible to our nation’s workforce with a $500,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The grant will provide critical funding that allows NSC to continue its impactful work to provide technical assistance, broad-based organizing, targeted advocacy, and cutting-edge communications to change hundreds of state and federal policies that in turn, will transform millions of lives and grow local economies.   

“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” said Brooke DeRenzis, Chief Strategy Officer at NSC. “This grant will enable us to further sustain and strengthen the important work of our unique coalition that draws from the ranks of business, labor, education, the public sector, and community advocates. The belief in our mission by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reinforces our dedication to advancing policies that expand high-quality skills training, reflect people’s real career aspirations, and support industry’s urgent need for an inclusive, skilled workforce.” 

About NSC  

National Skills Coalition fights for inclusive, high-quality skills training so that people have access to a better life, and local businesses see sustained growth. We engage in analysis and technical assistance, organizing, advocacy, and communications to improve state and federal skills policies.