NSC Responds to SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision

June 29, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Since 1978, the Supreme Court has upheld the right of postsecondary institutions to implement policies that allow race-conscious admissions. Today’s decision represents a monumental shift, inhibiting many colleges from continuing their efforts to address diversity and inclusion through admissions. Brooke DeRenzis, Chief Strategy Officer at National Skills Coalition (NSC) released the following statement:  

“National Skills Coalition works for a national commitment to high-quality, inclusive education and training so that more people have access to a better life, and more businesses see sustained growth. Postsecondary education is essential to economic mobility and to building an inclusive economy where people who face structural barriers of discrimination or lack of opportunity are empowered to equitably participate.” 

“Today’s Supreme Court Decision will have damaging impacts on students of color who have faced unequal opportunity in higher education, as well as on our systems of postsecondary education and our economy and society as a whole.”  

“Past policies and laws intentionally excluded and limited educational opportunities for people of color and contributed to the racial inequities we see in higher education today. We need postsecondary policies that remedy our past by advancing racial equity and making sure that everyone has a fair shot at accessing and completing a college credential.” 

”Race-conscious admissions policies, while not a sole solution to structural racism in postsecondary education, have been an effective tool for increasing equitable access to higher education for underrepresented students of color and have supported diversity at colleges in significant and meaningful ways. Without them, we will undoubtedly see greater inequities on our college campuses.” 

This decision cannot be a justification for ignoring the systemic barriers that exist within our education and workforce systems. We must remain steadfast in our pursuits to intentionally and proactively advance racial equity in all forms of postsecondary education, including by expanding access, affordability, student supports, postsecondary pathways, and inclusive campus environments.” 


About NSC  

National Skills Coalition fights for inclusive, high-quality skills training so that people have access to a better life, and local businesses see sustained growth. We engage in analysis and technical assistance, organizing, advocacy, and communications to improve state and federal skills policies.