Legislative Agenda for the 118th Congress

By Caroline Treschitta, May 13, 2024
Launched during the 2024 Skills Summit, the Legislative Agenda for the 118th Congress provides skills training policy recommendations that will drive an inclusive economy for workers and businesses.
This agenda will guide the strategic work of the organization, and our networks, aligned to our four issue campaigns that prioritize the ways that federal and state policymakers can most effectively expand high-quality skills training and drive toward an inclusive economy. Our 2024 legislative agenda also features NSC’s new Public Perspectives series:
  • 84% of voters want to make federal financial aid available to anyone seeking skills training, not just those seeking college degrees
  • 90% of voters want to provide access to digital skills training for workers throughout their careers so they can adapt to new technologies at work
  • 91% of voters want the creation of closer partnerships between training providers and businesses to train people for the jobs that businesses need to fill.
Join NSC in calling on Congress to prioritize an inclusive economy where workers and businesses who are most impacted by major economic shifts, as well as workers hindered by structural barriers of discrimination and a general lack of opportunity, are empowered to equitably participate in — and benefit from — a growing economy.