National Skills Coalition Comment Template: Measuring Digital Skills

By Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, December 11, 2023

National Skills Coalition has published a short summary of digital skills-related recommendations that education and workforce advocates can use as a template to:

  • Submit formal comments on their State Digital Equity Plan
  • Submit informal comments to their state broadband office or other state agency stakeholders
  • Comment on draft state Requests for Proposals or Solicitations for Grant Applications for digital equity funds.

The recommendations cover why states should invest in digital skills as part of their federal Digital Equity Act spending, what program models and strategies they should focus on, and how they can measure the success of digital upskilling programs.

The nonprofit World Education maintains a list of state agencies overseeing Digital Equity Act funds. State advocates can find their state and visit their state agency’s website to see which opportunities for comment are coming up. Even if the initial deadline for State Digital Equity Plan public comments has passed, advocates will have other opportunities to submit comments on related issues in early 2024 – NSC strongly encourages states to submit informal comments in the meantime, to ensure that state leaders hear how important these issues are to your community.