Skills for an Inclusive Economic Recovery – Policy Agenda

By , Rachel Unruh, November 27, 2020

NSC has developed an eight-part agenda that Congress can follow immediately to help more U.S. workers and businesses be part of an inclusive economic recovery. Not only are these proposals good policy, validated by the real-world expertise of our members, but according to a national poll, each proposal is supported by over 70 percent of voters. Download our Skills for an Inclusive Economic Recovery – Policy Agenda to learn more about:

  1. A safety net that supports workers’ long-term pathway to a skilled career
  2. A comprehensive approach to re-training and re-employment for all displaced workers
  3. Publicly funded job creation that includes training for those in need of a new career
  4. Support to local businesses to avert layoffs and encourage upskilling
  5. Sector partnerships to drive industry-specific training and hiring strategies
  6. Digital access and learning for all working people at home and on the job
  7. High quality, job-ready education for those who need to re-enter the labor market, including making college work for working people
  8. Public data and accountability regarding who is being included in this recovery