Daniel Bustillo

Board Member

Daniel is the Executive Director of the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP), a national network of SEIU unions and healthcare employers partnering to develop innovative career pathways and quality healthcare career education models. He also serves as Vice President for the H-CAP Education Association, a related organization comprised of a network of industry-based healthcare training partnerships. Daniel has extensive experience working with healthcare industry partners and the public workforce system, coordinating a variety of federal and state grants designed to provide upskilling, apprenticeship and other on-the-job training opportunities for healthcare workers.

Daniel is a doctoral candidate in Social Policy at Columbia University. His work on group-based disparities has been published in Social ResearchDissent, the Journal of Intergroup Relations, the Hamline Journal of Law and Public Policy and the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare.

Daniel has been a member of NSC’s Board since 2017.

Daniel Bustillo