House Republicans release bill to fund the government through January 19th

By Katie Spiker, December 21, 2017

On December 21, House Republicans released a Continuing Resolution (CR) bill to fund the government at current levels through January 19, 2018. To avoid a government shutdown, both the House and Senate need to approve a CR before midnight Friday, December 22nd, when the previous short-term funding provision will expire.

The bill would make additional funding available for the Childhood Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and provides an additional $4.7 billion in defense “anomalies” or targeted increases in spending. In addition to funding, the bill includes a provision allowing the President to sign the Republican tax reform bill into law without that legislation triggering sequestration requirements, a key procedural hurdle to the enactment of the reform.

Democrats are expected to oppose any provisions, like the defense anomalies, that increase spending over budget caps for defense programs without proportional increases in spending for non-defense programs.

The House is expected to pass this version of the CR, without Democrats’ support, and send the bill to the Senate. Because Republicans need Democrats’ support to pass a bill in the Senate, changes are likely to this version of the CR before members reach a final agreement in the next day and a half.

NSC is collecting signatures today on a letter to Congress urging them to maintain parity in spending between defense and non-defense programs and to fund vital workforce education and training programs at adequate levels. 

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