Bridges don’t build themselves: How Dems’ spending flop hurts their infrastructure victory

January 26, 2022


A recent Politico article discussing Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure plan which invests $550 billion in infrastructure but excludes skills training and other workforce development programs.

NSC’s Andy Van Kleunen was quoted in the article:

Andy Van Kleunen, who heads the National Skills Coalition, a jobs training advocacy organization, said the demand for infrastructure work simply exceeds capacity, “even if we took all the resources that are in the current workforce system and put them towards training folks for infrastructure jobs.”

“We need the additional resources from Build Back Better in order to be able to actually meet all the demand that we think the infrastructure package is going to require,” Van Kleunen said.

It’s a familiar dilemma for Biden, who was vice president when workforce shortages stifled the execution of former President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus in 2009.