California should invest in a digital equity grant program

April 22, 2021

In an op/ed in the Sacramento Bee, Luis Sandoval, writes about how digital skills training, which is key to building a just and equitable recovery, is missing from California Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget

“The “future of work” of automation and digitized workplaces is no longer decades away. It’s here now. And an increasing number of workers — mostly workers of color — are being left behind in the transition. That’s why our state must invest in all three elements of digital equity and inclusion: dependable and affordable broadband access, digital device access and digital skills training.”

Sandoval is the Executive Director of the Building Skills Partnership (a California organization dedicated to improving improve the quality of life of property service workers in low-wage industries, as well as their families and communities, by increasing their access to education, leadership, and career advancement.)