The Hill’s Future of Jobs Summit

By Teresa Johnson, April 12, 2021

NSC CEO Andy Van Kleunen participated in The Hill’s Future of Jobs Summit – a convening of top-tier technologists, business leaders, economists, political leaders, and policy practitioners to discuss the future of jobs and strengthening the American workforce. 

The Hill’s host, Steve Clemons, asks: 

  1. How can workers in the restaurant industry, who are laid off from work, can get retrained for jobs in the infrastructure area? 
  2. What is obstructing the ability to create credentialing, training, partnerships, and move talent in the right places, in a way that doesn’t feel like such a lift? 

“We don’t have a strategy to actually train the tens of millions of folks who are currently in the workforce to figure out how to keep their skills ahead of the technological curve,” Andy Van Kleunen said. “I will say with the recent proposal from the Biden administration, with both the American Jobs Plan we got a little while ago and the Families Plan, that we got today, we may be mildly turning the corner on this…” he added.