Manufacturing New Talent

August 29, 2013

“There can be a huge disconnect with all of the many workforce efforts out there, which are often happening in silos, so there’s a big advantage for employers to get involved in groups like the National Skills Coalition and Business Leaders United,” says Scott Ellsworth, vice president of U.S. operations, Tipco Punch, Inc.

“Companies and their needs are all very different, but I encourage my peers to get involved and cooperate to make sure we have a good workforce,” Ellsworth says. “We know that good workers are out there, so it’s our responsibility to not just to fix our own issues, but to help train people so that they’re employable. If we as employers don’t drive that change and say what we want, then all we’re doing is allowing the problem to continue to exist.

“When training programs are sector-based and created in partnership with employers, they’re much more effective than just having workers and groups hoping that they’re hitting the right talent expectations,” Ellsworth says.