Our Nation’s Infrastructure Should Be Built by the People, for the People 

June 30, 2021

Four members of the national Infrastructure Industry Recovery Panel, which is convened by National Skills Coalition and Business Leader’s United, co-authored an OP-ED that discusses how the U.S. infrastructure plan presented by President Joe Biden should be put in place for the people, by the people, and federal infrastructure investments must also be people centered, saying “A people-centered infrastructure plan invests in training and supports for workers so that they have a shot at the jobs created by the plan.”  

In the article they also discuss methods in which these investments can support a people-centered infrastructure plan. The plan is inclusive to teens and young adults, people who have been displaced due to hard hit industries, people who are jobless due to the pandemic, as well as those who have continued to work throughout the pandemic.  

The four members and authors are: Robin Arredondo-Savage, Daniel Mosser, Ali O’Neill and Beverly Scott.