The Hill: NSC CEO Andy Van Kleunen Outlines Why Building an Inclusive Recovery Should Be A National Priority

By Ayobami Olugbemiga, September 03, 2020

NSC CEO Andy Van Kleunen recently wrote an op-ed in The Hill, outlining why it’s crucial that policymakers work towards building an economic recovery that is inclusive and equitable. “Returning to an idealized pre-pandemic economy isn’t good enough,” Andy writes. “That economy was already inequitable for millions of families. Our goal should be to build a better, fairer, more equitable future for workers and small businesses.”

“The failure to make significant workforce investments will be disastrous for workers and businesses. The consequences will be prolonged and possibly generation-defining. And the damage will fundamentally exacerbate the inequities that already exist across the labor market — leaving our most vulnerable populations behind after the recession ends.”

“If we’re going to help displaced workers prepare for a new future in a new industry or occupation that may require new skills, we can’t wait until 2022 to start investing in them. If local companies have to adapt and build a new business model based on a smaller, more agile and tech-ready workforce, we can’t wait until 2022 to help them make that shift.”