Health Workers Need Investment in their Digital Skills

By Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, February 20, 2020

American jobs are undergoing massive technological transformation, with even entry-level workers now expected to use all manner of digital devices and equipment. The health and social assistance sector is no exception, with examples including home health aides expected to use a tablet computer to report patient health information, case managers contending with increasingly elaborate social services databases, and lab technicians recording their work in proprietary electronic systems.

Workers will need to equip themselves with in-demand digital skills – and businesses will need to invest in helping their employees build such skills. Congress can take action by investing in upskilling for individual workers and jobseekers, and supporting industry-led training partnerships. Health workers need investment in their digital skills outlines the data of health workers and their level of digital skills and how they can build these skills through programs provided by businesses and congress.