Building Back Better with People-Centered Infrastructure

By Andy Van Kleunen, Katie Spiker, April 20, 2021

National Skills Coalition and workforce development experts from the BlueGreen Alliance, the Manufacturing Institute, National League of Cities, and National Urban League analyze the administration’s American Jobs Plan, how any job creation package must include skills training to be successful, and what they need to see from Congress to get America’s workers and business back on track to an inclusive economic recovery.


  • Katie Spiker, Director of Government Affairs, National Skills Coalition
  • Andy Van Kleunen, CEO, National Skills Coalition
  • Jason Walsh, Executive Director, BlueGreen Alliance
  • Stephanie Martinez-Ruckman, Legislative Director, National League of Cities
  • Traci Scott, Vice President of Workforce Development, National Urban League
  • Cassi Zumbiel, Director – Workforce Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute