Apprenticeships and paid work-based learning align training with the specific needs of a given industry. That means workers can train while also earning a wage, and aren’t forced to choose between education and feeding their families. Not only that, but businesses gain a productive, highly skilled employees because that training is industry-driven.

Creating 5 million apprenticeship success stories

Here in the US, we have a fraction of working apprentices compared to other countries. We believe that with the right policies and investments, our nation can create 5 million apprenticeship success stories that reflect the full diversity of our workforce.

To compete with other nations we must significantly scale investments in local partnerships that develop training targeting the specific needs of the local workforce, and provide supports - like mentoring and childcare - that are essential to expanding the diversity of workers who can access and succeed in apprenticeship and paid work-based learning.

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Skills for an Inclusive Economic Recovery

A set of generation-defining investments in inclusive skills policy can contribute to addressing the disproportionate impact of the economic crisis on communities who have long suffered inequities.

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